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2016 Sep 70-469 actual exam

Q71. You need to recommend a change to USP_3 to ensure that the procedure continues to execute even if one of the UPDATE statements fails. 

Which change should you recommend? 

A. Set the XACT_ABORT option to off. 

B. Set the XACT_ABORT option to on. 

C. Set the IMPLICIT_TRANSACTIONS option to off. 

D. Set the IMPLICIT_TRANSACTIONS option to on. 

Answer: A 

Q72. You are evaluating the table design. 

You need to recommend a change to Tables.sql that reduces the amount of time it takes for usp_AttendeesReport to execute. 

What should you add at line 14 of Tables.sql? 

A. FullName nvarchar(100) NOT NULL CONSTRAINT DF_FuIlName DEFAULT (dbo.CreateFullName (FirstName, LastName)), 

B. FullName AS (FirstName +‘ ’+ LastName), 

C. FullName nvarchar(100) NOT NULL DEFAULT (dbo.CreateFullName (FirstName, LastName)). 

D. FullName AS (FirstName +‘ ’+ LastName) PERSISTED, 

Answer: D 

Q73. You run the following code: 

You need to ensure that the root node of the XML data stored in the Details column is <Order_Details>. 

What should you implement? 

More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer. 

A. A user-defined data type 

B. An XML index 

C. A Data Definition Language (DDL) trigger 

D. A data manipulation language (DML) trigger 

E. An XML schema collection 

Answer: E 

Q74. Which data type should you use for ProductType? 

A. varchar(11) 

B. nvarchar(11) 

C. char(11) 

D. bigint 

Answer: C 

Q75. You have a database named Database1. Database1 has two stored procedures named Proc1 and Proc2 and a table named Table1. Table1 has millions of rows. 

Proc1 updates data in Table1. Proc2 reads data from Table1. 

You discover that when Proc1 is executed to update more than 4,000 rows, Proc2 is blocked. The block affects all rows, including those that are not being updated by Proc1. 

You need to ensure that when Proc1 is executing, Proc2 can access the data in Table1 that Proc1 is not updating. 

What should you change Proc1 to do? 

More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer. 

A. Update less than 4,000 rows simultaneously. 

B. Use the PAGLOCK table hint. 

C. Wait for Proc2 to complete. 

D. Use the ROWLOCK table hint. 

Answer: A 

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Rebirth 70-469 sample question:

Q76. While testing the CategoryFromType function, you discover that the function is returning 'Other'. 

You need to update CategoryFromType to return the category name. 

Which line of code should you modify in CategoryFromType.sql? 

A. 04 

B. 05 

C. 12 

D. 14 

Answer: B 

Q77. You have a Microsoft SQL Azure database that contains a table named Employees. 

You create a non-clustered index named EmployeeName on the name column. 

You write the following query to retrieve all of the employees that have a name that starts with the letters JOH: 

You discover that the query performs a table scan. 

You need to ensure that the query uses EmployeeName. 

What should you do? 

A. Recreate EmployeeName as a unique index 

B. Recreate EmployeeName as a clustered index 

C. Replace LEFT(name,3) = 'JOH' by using name like 'JOH%' 

D. Replace LEFT(name,3) = 'JOH' by using substring(name, 1, 3) = 'JOH' 

Answer: C 

Q78. You need to recommend a solution that addresses the index fragmentation and index width issue. 

What should you include in the recommendation? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.) 

A. Change the data type of the lastModified column to smalldatetime. 

B. Remove the lastModified column from the clustered index. 

C. Change the data type of the modifiedBy column to tinyint. 

D. Change the data type of the id column to bigint. 

E. Remove the modifiedBy column from the clustered index. 

F. Remove the id column from the clustered index. 

Answer: BE 

Q79. You need to recommend a solution that addresses the concurrency requirement. 

What should you recommend? 

A. Break each stored procedure into two separate procedures, one that changes Sales.Table1 and one that changes Sales.Table2. 

B. Make calls to Sales.Proc1 and Sales.Proc2 synchronously. 

C. Call the stored procedures in a Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) transaction. 

D. Modify the stored procedures to update tables in the same order for all of the stored procedures. 

Answer: D 

Q80. You use SQL Server 2014 to maintain the data used by applications at your company. 

You need to run two separate SQL statements. 

You must guarantee that the following three things happen: 

1. Either BOTH statements succeed or BOTH statements fail as a batch. 

2. If an error occurs on the first statement, SQL should not attempt to run the second statement. 

3. Error information should be returned to the client. 

What should you do? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

Answer: A 

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