Chris Kete Joins Wastequip to Lead its Plastics Division

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Discourage Hungry Predators and Safeguard Tossed Trash with Bear-resistant Cart

CHARLOTTE, N.C. [July 27, 2015] – It’s no longer just picnic baskets and honey attracting bears – it’s residential trash. Responding to the growing need to keep backyard garbage from the prying paws of wandering bears, leading cart manufacturer Toter offers a solution with its predator-resistant Bear-Tough Cart.

This unique product is proven to protect tossed trash from roaming, hungry bears up to 900 pounds. With a double-walled lid, a bear-resistant latch, and rugged construction from The World’s Toughest Carts™, Toter leadership boasts the capabilities of this high-rated, tested design.

“Managing waste is a challenge for residents in regions with significant bear populations,” said Chris Kete, president of the plastics division of Wastequip, the Toter brand’s parent company. “From personal bear encounters to backyard cleanup after a predator has foraged or destroyed a trash container, neighbors routinely experience these problems throughout spring, summer, and early fall.”

He added, “Toter’s Bear-Tough Cart provides a simple solution that can not only dissuade hungry bears, but minimize human and bear interactions in neighborhoods across the nation.”

Safeguarding disposed waste through its distinct locking mechanism and durable plastic walls, Toter’s bear cart earned placement among the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee’s (IGBC) list of certified containers, passing the IGBC’s rigorous testing methods for design and structural standards of approved “bear-resistant products” among the lower 48 states.

The cart was previously tested by The Living with Wildlife Foundation as well, a non-profit organization dedicated to assuring harmonious interactions among humans and animals. You can view a video of that testing and see first-hand a bear’s inability to rummage within a Bear-Tough Cart at

Toter Bear-Tough carts are available in 64- and 96-gallon capacities, with more sizes on the way. They can be found at home centers, hardware stores, mass merchants, and through online retailers nationwide.